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  801. interpreter n. interpret v. ~ the poem   ~ sth as~ I didn’t know whether to ~ her silence as acceptance or refusal.   ~ for sb Her children ~for her.   802. book c/n 书 v. 预定(车、船)票 book a room/ ticket   803. judge n. 裁判;法官   The judge sentenced him to five years in prison.   1) v. 1Don’t judge a book by its cover. 不要以貌取人 2 judge by / from   Judging by his letter, they are having a wonderful time.   judgement n. 判决 pass judgement on sb/ sth 通过对…的判决   804. forbid 禁止;不许 ________,_________   forbid sb. from doing forbid sb.to do forbid doing the Forbidden City   805. confirm vt. 证实,批准,确认 confirm sth/ that/wh-   Rumours of job losses were later confirmed.   Has everyone confirmed (that) they are coming? Can you confirm what happened?   806. protect v.保护 protect sb/sth from (against) …   We wear sunglasses in summer to protect our eyes from the sunlight.   under one’s protection在某人的保护下   807. limit n. 界限,限度 vt. 限制   a) ~ to…;without limit 无限地 There is a limit to the amount of pain I can bear.   b) ~ sb. to sth /doing sth:My parents limit my pocket money to 300 yuan.   808. only adv./adj 仅仅 I am an only child. 独生子   not only … but (also) … only to do… (意想不到的)结果…   809. return vi. 返回 vt. 归还,回报 n. 归来,回报 ~ to China from abroad   ~ sth to sb= return sb sth I gave him an apple and he gave me a peach in ~.   Many happy ~s of the day! (生日祝福语)生日快乐!   810. simple adj. 简单的;朴素的;单纯的 live a ~ life=live simply He is as ~ as a child.   simply adv. 简单地;朴素地;仅仅,只不过;简直,完全   She is not ~ clever, she even studies hard.   811. high 1) adj. at a high / low price in a high voice in high spirits   2) adv. 与 highly的区别 1high表示具体的含义 “高高地 ” fly high in the sky/ jump high   2highly表示的是抽象的含义 “高度地” a highly developed country think / speak highly of   812. around 在周围; 在附近; 大约   around the corner 在拐角处,即将到来 around the clock 昼夜不停地   813. row n. 一排,一行;划船 v. 划船 a ~ of trees in a row 成一排,连续地   814. access n.方法,通路,机会   The only access to the farm was a narrow bridge.   Only high officials have access to the emperor.   We students have access to the school library.   accessible adj. 可进入的,可接近的,可使用的   Such information is not easily accessible to the public.   815. experiment n 实验 make/ do/perform/carry out an experiment   816. entry 进入 Countries seeking entry into the European Union.   817. count v数数;重要 Every point in this game counts.   count down 倒计时 count on sb/sth 依赖 I’m counting on you to help me.   818. bargain n. (经讨价还价之后)成交的商品;廉价货   Those shoes are a real bargain at such a low price.v. 讨价还价 bargain with sb about /over sth   819. expert n. 专家 He is an ~ cook.   adj. 有经验的 be ~ at He is ~ at playing the piano.   820. language the Japanese language   821. adapt vi. 适应,适合,改编 vt. 使适应 adapt to change /the city life   adapt oneself to the new surroundings adapt the novel for a film adaptation n. 适应   822. suspect v. 猜疑,怀疑,猜想 She suspected him of taking her watch.   n. 嫌疑犯,可疑对象   823. explore vt./vi 勘探 explore sth for sth exploration n. oil exploration   824. merely=only adv. 仅仅,只不过   825. little-less-least not a little 非常; more than a little 非常   She felt tired and more than a little worried.   Little did I know about him. 我一点也不了解他。   826. educate v. 教育, 培养 educated a. 受过教育的 an educated person   education n. 教育 receive a good education   827. reflect 反映;映出;反射 reflect somebody/something (in something)   She could see herself reflected in his eyes. reflect something   This material absorbs the sound, and doesn't reflect it.   His music reflects his interest in African culture   reflect on/upon something 认真思考,反思   She was left to reflect on the implications of her decision. reflect that…   On the way home he reflected that the interview had gone well.   828. weekly a. 每周的 The magazine is a weekly.   It is a weekly magazine. The magazine is published weekly.   829. include v. Everyone laughed, including me. (me included.)   830. marry v.结婚 marry sb 娶/嫁给某人 marry sb. to sb 把某人嫁给某人   get/be married to sb 与某人结婚; has/have been married for 2 years.   831. nowhere adv. 无处 go/get no where/get sb. nowhere 毫无进展   The discussion got nowhere this morning.   nowhere to be found/seen/in sight 不可能找到 My ticket is nowhere to be found.   Nowhere in the world other than Britain can you experience four seasons in a single day.   832. comfort v. 安慰 u/n 舒适 live in comfort 生活安逸; a comfort 令人安慰的人或事   comfortable adj. live a comfortable life comfortably adv. live comfortably   833. fly(flew, flown) v 飞,飞行,放,飘,突然开n 飞行,苍蝇   Birds fly in the sky. A flag flies in the wind.   How time flies.时间飞逝。 The door flew open.门突然开了。   834. nothing pron. 没有什么 for nothing=for free 免费的 have nothing to do with 与…无关   nothing but=just 仅仅,只不过 I want nothing but the best for my children.   anything but 绝不 The hotel was anything but cheap.   There is nothing in what he said. 不可靠,不真实 There is nothing to it.=It’s very easy. 很容易   835. still adv. I am still angry. / The next day was still warmer. 仍然 还是   adj. Keep still while I comb your hair. stand still静止的 平静的 安静的   836. relief a sense of relief breathe a sigh of relief 如释重负松了口气   much to one’s relief the relief of suffering 痛苦的消除 provide relief for refugees 救济难民   837. discourage使气馁 discourage sb from doing sth   discouraged discouraging discouragement   838. broken adj. speak in broken English a broken marriage   839. expose 揭露 陈述,揭露(尤指对令人震惊的或故意保密的事实)   My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.   露出He smiled ,exposing a set of amazingly white teeth.   Don’t expose a baby to strong sunlight.   840. board n. 木板、布告牌 v. 登上 on board 在船(车、飞机) board a train 上火车   841. length n. 1The road was 32 miles in length / long 2at length 最后,终于/ 详细地   842. starve v. (使)挨饿 饿死 starvation n. The animals were left to starve to death.   843. rely rely on These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work.   You can rely on me to keep your secret. rely on it that…   844. switch n. 开关; 交换 v. 打开(或关上)开关, 改变, 转换   switch the conversation from one subject to another   He is always switching jobs. switch off the TV switch on the radio   845. lift 1) n. take the lift乘电梯; give sb. a lift 让某人搭便车   Passing the exam gave him a real lift. 他通过了考试,情绪好多了。   2)vt.举起:lift one’s eyes 抬起眼睛; He stood there with his hands lifted above his head.   高兴起来:The news lifted our spirits.   846. indicate A red sky at night often indicated fine weather the next day.   In his letter, he indicated to us that he was willing to cooperate.   indication n. indication of sth / doing sth   They gave no indication of how the work should be done .   847. follow v 跟随,效仿,跟得上   follow sb up the stairs/follow one’s example/follow this road   in the following years Their requirements are as follows. Do you follow me?   The teacher came in, followed by some students./following some students.   848. contribution n. 贡献,奉献 make a contribution to sth 对…做贡献   849. average adj 平均的;普通的 n. 平均数 on (the)average 按平均   I was just an average sort of student. 我只是一个普通学生。   850. cross v.穿越,横过;交叉,交叠;adj生气的,愤怒的   cross the mountains 翻过高山 She sat with her legs crossed.   I was cross with him for being late. across prep. run across the road   851. bear (bore, born/borne) v.   1)承受 (重量) The ice is too thin to bear your weight.   2) 负担, 承担 bear the cost/ burden/responsibility   3)忍受;容忍 (常用于疑问句、否定句,与can, could 连用) bear to do/doing   4) bear…in mind 记住   852. alike adj. 相像,十分相似 We are alike in many ways.   adv. 相似的,相同的 They tried to treat their children alike.   853. purchase v/n 购买/购买的东西 1)。They purchased the car for 1 million dollars.   2)。If you are not satisfied with your purchases , we’ll give you a full refund .(全额退款)   854. dress n. 衣服 v.穿衣服 She dressed the child in a coat.   She dressed well / badly. be dressed in 状态 get dressed in 动作   dress up 打扮 dress up as Father Christmas   855. assume v. 假定,假设 It is assumed that…普遍认为   I had assumed him to be a teacher. 我本以为他是老师。   He assumed an air of concern. 他装出关心的样子。 assuming (that)… 假设,假如   856. promote vt 促进,宣传,提升 1)。policies to promote economic growth   2)。The band has gone on tour to promote their new album. promotion n   857. order n. 安排,顺序 v. 命令 in/out of order 有序/有毛病   in order of time 按时间顺序 order to do/for sb. to do… 命令,指挥   order that…(should)… 命令 in order to do …/that… 为了   place an order for 订购 order a dish/a car   May I take your order? 点菜   858. risk She took many photos at the risk of her life.   He took the risk of losing his life to save the child. risk one’s life   There is the risk of your catching a cold. 你可能会伤风。   859. example n 榜样 set an example to/for sb take sth for example follow sb’s example   860. size n. 大小,尺寸,号码 be of a / the same size   The two houses are of a ~.=The two houses are of the same size .   861. daily n. adj. adv. a daily visit be visited daily   The story was in all the dailies.   862. vacation n. 假期 the winter vacation寒假 be on vacation休假   863. conflict : in conflict with   864. reliable a reliable friend   Our information comes from a reliable source. 消息来源可靠   We are looking for someone who is reliable and hard-working.   865. guilty adj. 有罪的 He was ~ of murder. He was found ~ .   I feel ~ of what I did. 32.guitar.   866. enthusiastic a. 热情的,热心的 enthusiastically adv. be enthusiastic about   867. rent The house rents at/ for 5 dollars a week.   868. fresh adj新鲜的 fresh air/water/color/news   869. hear v. 1 hear about / of 听说 2 hear from 收到某人的来信   3 hear sb. do/ doing 听到某人做了某事/听到某人正在做某事   870. bar 1) n. 条,块 a bar of chocolate / soap 障碍 Being a woman was a bar to promotion.   2) vt. 封堵 All the doors and windows were barred.   阻止 bar sb. from … bar players from drinking   871. patience n.容忍;耐心 have (no) patience with sb (不)能宽恕   lose one’s patience with sb; be out of patience with sb 对某人失去耐心   872. occupy v.居住;占有,占用(时,空);占领   The house is occupied. …有人住 The bathroom is occupied. …有人用   The dinner occupied 2 hours. Many anxieties occupied his mind.   occupy oneself with sth/in doing sth忙于某事   873. cautious adj. 谨慎的 小心的 be cautious of/ about…   caution n. 谨慎 小心 with caution 小心地   vt. 警告…小心… caution sb. to do caution sb. against… 警告某人警惕   We were cautioned not to drive too fast.   874. confuse vt 1)使糊涂,使迷惑   They confused me with conflicting accounts of what happened.   2) 混淆 confuse A with/and B Be careful not to confuse quality with quantity.   confusion n. 1) confusion about/over sth 困惑   There is a confusion about what the correct procedure should be.   2) confusion between A and B 混淆 confusion between letters like “o” or “a”   875. few n,adj 不多,少数,少数的,   only a few/quite a few/a good few/every few days   I have a few friends here./I have few friends here.   The few friends I made here are all teachers.   876. actual a.实际的 actually adv. in (actual) fact 实际上   877. succeed v. success n. successful adj successfully adv.   He succeeded (in) getting a place at art school.   Who succeeded(继任) Kennedy as President?   be a success / be successful / succeed in (doing) sth   878. oppose 1)。oppose sth 他反对我出国的计划。 2)。oppose doing sth 我反对改变这项法律。   3)。be opposed to sth/doing sth She was/remained bitterly opposed to the idea of moving abroad.   4)。200 attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year .(相对于)   879. stay v.停留;保持 持续是 ;暂留 逗留 n. 停留 逗留 作客   Stay there and don’t move. He never stays angry for long.   I stayed 3 nights at my cousin’s house. stay away/ in / out / up   880. charge n./vt charge…for… 收/要价多少;   charge sb. with sth/doing 指控某人做了 get the phone charged 手机被充电;   The soldiers were charging forward bravely.战士们勇敢地向前冲。   take charge of 负责、管理 in charge of 负责;   in the charge of 被/由… 负责; free of charge 免费   881. prohibit vt 禁止,阻止 prohibit sth prohibit sb from doing sth   In the past, the citizens were prohibited from traveling abroad.   prohibition 禁令 =ban   882. attempt v. 试图,尝试   attempt to do He was charged with attempting to kill his wife.   attempt sth The plane crashed while attempting an emergency landing.   n. make an attempt to do /at doing 试图做某事   883. status n.身份,地位 ,名望 raise the status of workers have a high social status   884. divorce 离婚,离异 1) n. get a divorce divorce rate 2) v. get divorced   885. obtain vt/vi 获得;得到;存在 1)。obtain advice/information/permission   2)。These customs no longer obtain.   886. seize 抓住 He seized her by the arm. seize a chance/ an opportunity   887. see v. (saw, seen) 看见,领会,明白 ~ sb do sth ~ through 看穿,看透   ~ sb doing sth ~ sb off 送行   ~ sth done ~ to sb/sth/doing 照看,负责   You see to it that the windows are all closed.   888. time n. 时间,时期,次数,倍数;v. 测定时间,记录时间   all the time=always 一直 ahead of time= in advance提前   at a time 一次 at one time从前,一度   at times=sometimes有时候 from time to time 不时的,时而,偶尔   in no time立刻,马上 in time及时,迟早   in time for sth来得及干某事 Time is up.时间到   on time 准时 take one’s time慢慢来 waste no time (in) doing赶紧干某事 It is (high) time (that) we started.该干某事了   At no time have I said such a thing.我决没有说过这种话。(决没有,决不)   It is the first time (that) I have read such a book.我第一次读这样的书   889. recover vt 找回;痊愈;恢复 ~ his lost bike ~ one’s health ~ from one’s illness   890. noise n. 噪音 We had to shout above the noise of traffic. noisy adj.   voice n. 嗓音 in a low/high voice 高声地/低声的; She has a good voice.   sound n. 声音 Light travels much faster than sound.   891. design v. design a car/ a kitchen a badly designed kitchen   be designed for The film is designed for children.   be designed to do The programme is designed to help poor people.   892. test n.测验 考查;化验;检验 考验 take a test a test for Aids   The match is a real test of character for us.   v. 测验;(身体)检查;测试;考验   test your English test sb’s eyesight / hearing   You should test your brakes regularly.   The long climb tested our fitness and energy.   893. achieve vt 达到;取得 achievement n 成就   achieve success/victory/one’s goal;   894. trouble n. 问题,烦恼,麻烦;v. 使苦恼,使麻烦   I am sorry to trouble you, but can you tell me his address?   trouble sb to do 麻烦某人干 have trouble with sth./ have trouble (in) doing 干某事有困难   get into/out of trouble 陷入困境 /摆脱困境 in /out of trouble   take trouble to do 尽力干   895. exploit vt. 利用, 剥削 In the past, farmers were ~ by landlords.   开采,开发 We must ~ the country s mineral resources exploitation n.   896. wear v. (wore , worn) 穿着,戴着,留须发,磨损   wear sb out. 使某人精疲力竭(= sb is worn out) wear a smile. 戴着微笑   897. proud adj.骄傲的,自豪的,傲气的 be proud of   pride n.骄傲,自豪, 自尊心 take pride in   898. concrete 明确的,具体的 concrete floor concrete evidence   899. spy n. (pl.spies) 间谍,密探,特务 a police spy a spy plane   v. 从事间谍活动 spies spying spied spied spy on 暗中注视,偷偷的瞧   900. draw-drew-drawn v.画; 拉,拖;吸引; draw the curtains   draw sb’s attention to sth draw a conclusion 得出结论   ……draw near 临近,接近 Christmas is drawing near.
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